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Our Company

Our Company

Since year 2011, Clever Group defined as main business, LED lighting and Modular Construction for clients of the mining industry, however, before long it was necessary to innovate by creating a more integrated product installations in mining, which in addition to the modular construction, LED lighting, furniture and signage, voice networks and data to allow full connectivity to and from wherever necessary, to meet the most demanding technological industry standards.


Mintek is created with the idea of responding to the growing need to offer products and more comprehensive services and also to professionalize the management of technology infrastructure projects, whose focus is digital technologies, constantly seeking new applications of information technology and telecommunications (ICT) to improve processes, work practices and innovation in business where Clever Group is taking part.

Our Vision

Be a global, efficient and profitable organization, promoting along with it innovation, energy efficiency and effective implementation of digital technologies available.

Our Mission

Help develop a better world through the effectiveness and efficiency of teamwork, making innovative use of available technologies, becoming a platform for personal, professional and economic development of their employees with respect and harmony with the environment.


Always act in a respectful, honest and responsible manner.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Joining the efforts of others giving the best of ourselves, to get the best results.

Our Values


Promote creativity to develop or improve processes, products or services.


Envision the future and focus our efforts towards competitiveness and excellence in service.


Be balanced in the use of resources while preserving the environment.

Pintor Gustavo Cabello Olguin N° 874 - Industrial Park - Rancagua - Region VI - Chile

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